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Community Programs


The Berkshire County Sheriff's Office is offering a self-registration site for the NEW GeoCast Web Emergency Reverse 911 Notification System.   This web site is for those residents and businesses who do not have a traditional landline phone, or who would like to be notified on their cell phones via text, phone call or e-mail for any emergency notifications in their area.   Please go to the following website to sign up for the alerts:

If you have any questions, please email:


Nixle Community Notification System Signup 


The CHILD Project

In 2007, the Berkshire County Sheriff's Office took a major step toward securing the safety of Berkshire County children by launching the CHILD Project iris scan identification program.

The program identifies and locates missing children through the use of iris identification biometric technology. The CHILD Project involves a simple high-speed digital photo of the individual's irises. After the photo is taken, the iris data is analyzed and a 688-byte code is created and compared with all codes in a national database maintained by the Nation's Missing Children Organization in Phoenix, Arizona.

Nationally, more than 2,000 children are reported missing daily.

Sheriff's Deputies have been trained to conduct the program, in which Sheriff Bowler has invited every elementary school in Berkshire County to take part.

Senior Safety Net

The Senior Safety Net employs the same technology as the CHILD Project, and is designed to help locate and identify seniors who go missing.

Nationally, more than 4 million adults suffer from Alzheimer's Disease, and the prevalence doubles every five years beyond the age of 65. Nationally, there are more than 100,000 active missing adult cases, with more than 30,000 missing one year or more.

The Senior Safety Net, like the CHILD Project, uses iris identification biometric technology to capture iris data that is created and compared with all codes in a national database maintained by the National Center for Missing Adults in Phoenix, Arizona.

Cheshire School Partnership

Since 2004, the Berkshire County Sheriff's Office and Cheshire Elementary School have been linked as business partners. The partnership, which is enthusiastically endorsed by the school's Advisory Council and the Adams-Cheshire Regional School Committee, enables the Sheriff's Office to assist the school with projects and education initiatives that go beyond the standard classroom curriculum. At the same time, the partnership encourages the students to become good citizens and neighbors by helping out in the community.

Halloween Parade

Sharing the Halloween holiday spirit with hundreds of youngsters, the Berkshire County Sheriff's Office plays a major role in the Pittsfield Halloween Parade. The Sheriff’s Office enters a float and welcomes children aboard, while Sheriff’s Office vehicles, Color Guard and Uniform Division deputies also take part in the festivities, helping to provide a safe environment.

Triad Senior Safety Program

The Berkshire County Sheriff's Office is an active partner in the Berkshire County Triad program, promoting safety for our senior citizen population through a partnership with the Berkshire District Attorney's Office, local police and fire departments, senior protective services and senior citizens themselves.

A Sheriff's staff member works as a liaison with local Triad groups in several Berkshire County communities, helping to organize safety-related programs and activities. Among these activities is the annual Berkshire County Triad picnic sponsored each summer by Sheriff Thomas Bowler.

Uniform Division

The Sheriff’s Office maintains a Uniform Division, consisting of well-trained Sheriff’s Deputies, who perform security services, traffic control and parking assistance at events throughout Berkshire County. All must pass Intermittent Police Officer training.

Color Guard

The Sheriff’s Office maintains a Color Guard and Honor Guard of Deputy Sheriffs who appear at any event the Sheriff deems fit for the Sheriff’s Office to pay homage. This includes correctional ceremonies, parades and funerals. The group was formed in 1995.